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On the Invisibility of Middle-Aged Women | Literary Hub

A year ago at a literary festival in Wales, I met a woman. It was at a reception at a castle that had a beautiful park and a regal view of the Welsh landscape. I [...]

A writer’s guide to rejecting rejection – The Writer

Reroute rejection for a positive outcome. Source: A writer's guide to rejecting rejection - The Writer

On Why I Write

Guest Post by Florence LeFevre I’ve wondered, over the years, about that simple question. Why do I write?   I’m an average person, with an average life, nothing out of the ordinary. Just plain me, [...]

FLEXIBILITY: Learning to Plot When You’re a Pantser

Today guest Buccaneer and YA Author Tanaz Bhathena shares a story about the importance of trying new ideas and adapting your writing habits. Source: FLEXIBILITY: Learning to Plot When You're a Pantser

The Distance Between Our Humanity

I live fifty miles from Orlando. If you know anything about Central Florida, and especially the I-4 Corridor, fifty miles for us is nothing. We travel fifty miles to go to work each day. We [...]

» How Do You Know If Your Writing Is Any Good?

The Blunt Instrument is a monthly advice column for writers. If you need tough advice for a writing problem, send your question to Dear Blunt Instrument, My questions … Source: » How Do You Know [...]

» The Magic of Writing Groups

Source: » The Magic of Writing Groups

How Reading Logs Can Ruin Kids’ Pleasure for Books – The Atlantic

Forcing kids to keep track of their reading time can turn it into a chore. Source: How Reading Logs Can Ruin Kids' Pleasure for Books - The Atlantic

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7 “Tricks” to Improve Your Writing OvernightWNQ-WRITERSWNQ-WRITERS

Source: 7 “Tricks” to Improve Your Writing OvernightWNQ-WRITERSWNQ-WRITERS

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10 Italian Books by Women We’d Love to See in English | Literary Hub

As more attention is paid to literature in translation, more tools emerge to aid us in trying to bring new (and in some cases, old) foreign works to an English-speaking audience. Sometimes, however… Source: 10 [...]

4 Ways to Take Criticism Like a Pro |

Critiques and constructive criticism are crucial to the development of writers, but taking that criticism is often the hardest pill for writers to swallow. Here are some tips for getting through it. Source: 4 Ways [...]

Digressions – Reading Lolita because of Reading Lolita in Tehran

by C.T. D'Alessandro I have to confess to a literary "squirrel" moment, except that, when it comes to reading, such a moment might last for days or even weeks.  And like most digressions, this one [...]